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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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38 tkphou at it's a popular number. 35 out to the west. so the colder air has drained in. and has even pushed down to new philadelphia. still a heubt of the milder air. left in pittsburg pennsylvania. but that too will be ending. and the winds have been gusting. they are starting to come down. >> we had wind gusts passed 35 miles per hour. now the wind gusts are pulling back into the 20 it is. with the sustained speeds. ten to 15. there's the big change. it's moving in. we're obviously turning much colder. and there will be stpho showers in the air tonight. and tomorrow. not a big deal.
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eyebrows. again. >> it will get our attention. >> two men escaped from the correction fall facility. remain on the run tonight. >> although authorities don't consider them dangerous. their escape highlights more problems. >> the two men were housed here at the community based correctional facility. it is a place for low level felons. similar to a half way house. now although it is secure. it's a locked facility. the men were able to break out. and run.
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>> they believe the men planned their escape after they were caught with contraband. including synthetic marijuana. >> we found k 2 in his bunk area. and the other person was found to have a cell phone. that he was not permitted to have. >> this woman who didn't want to be identified has a boyfriend in the facility. >> they check everything. when i bring him shoes, pants. clothes. they check it all. >> the program is run by and operates like a half way house. for convicted low level felons on probation. they spend at least 30 days in the facility. before they get restricted time in the outside world. treatment services. and to get education. and employment services.
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>> in december the i team uncovered drug abuse at the facility. and found only 20 of 60 residents who went awall while in the outside world. ever returned. >> it's a good program. it does help people. and get back on track. whatever they have to do. >> . now the administer tors emphasize this isn't a jail. it's not a prison. it is secure. these people are still under the watch of the court system. they say everyone who goes inside including employees have to be searched. they say they conduct drug tests
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>> and could face real jail time. >> . more trouble. thank you. >> scam artist to a new low. posing as police officers to steal money. from the elderly. >> the fake cops have already hit at least twice. >> >> it absolutely is unbelievable. what akron police say is happening in this area. and they suspect in other parts of ohio, we are talking about people living out their golden years. now terrified after what occurred. and in some cases these are
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>> . like that. that's just low. >> . a deception says akron police captain. by someone impwers nateing an officer. preying upon at least two vulnerable senior citizens. >> one was a local 85 year-old female. who was called. by an individual claiming he was a detective. >> the fake cop said there was fraudulent activity at the woman's bank. and they needed her help with the investigation. convinced them to go to the bank. take out money. and then obviously they lose that money. >> the woman withdrew a large sum of cash. but at the last minute,. >> the suspect in that case, got afraid for some reason. and fled. >> but captain says the suspect became bold. with the next victim. and an 89 year-old woman from a cleveland suburb. >> they met her back at her home. >> using the same lie. he stole thousands of dollars.
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>> before they strike again. and he says, most importantly,. >> one thing we have to be clear on. our department as well as i'm sure many other departments most other departments. would never ask citizens to ask people to withdraw their own money as part of an investigation. we don't do that. >> anybody who suspects they might have been victimized should call the police department. anyone with information about the suspects. call akron police. and one last tip. if someone comes to your door or calls you and pretending to be a police officer.
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department. and verify that information. >> better to be safe than sorry. it is sick what's happening.
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detectives are calling their mother the main suspect. here the the police report identifies her as 18 year-old davis. she's not been charged. >> >> >> he's right about that. police say they were shocked when a doctor said the children were responding to tphar can.
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the boy and the girl will be okay. >> . well. finally good news for the village. state investigators say recent water samples from homes there have tested below the federally allowable level for led. however the village is working to adjust its water system chemistry. to keep led from leeching into the water.
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everybody feeling good.
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>> no snow on the roads. which adds to the delight of traveling. even though the temperatures did go down. >> it was much more dramatic here at the lake shore. because of the wind shift. now earlier southwest wind. it was 65 degrees. an hour later. i went on the roof at the staeulgs. to look at the sky. and what just happened. a wind shift to the west. dropped to 41. we dropped over 20 degrees. in one hour. so. it's dramatic by the lake shore. but we see the drama developing on this 24 hour temperature change. chart. it's huge. we're talking about the big temperature drop.
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>> tonight becoming cloudy. a few snow showers towards 29. and tomorrow, not much of a rise in temperature. occasional passing snow showers. cloudy. >> all hours. just for you. >> >> i left my coat in the car. >> winter weather is about to go from mild to wild. >> you have heard from the ground hog. now it's time to turn our attention to the real experts. >> >> tomorrow night at 6. it's the forecast for the rest
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are we head for an early spring. or is old man winter about to wake up. >> a cleveland exclusive tomorrow. at 6.
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>> sanders and clinton taking their cam campaigns to new hampshire. >> of course that's the site of the first presidential primary. during a town hall meeting. sanders ins eugsed he's still the under dog. currently has a commanding lead in the polls. and is hugely popular in neighboring sra t.
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>> the two have sparred over the future direction of the democratic party. they have agreed to 4 more debates. >> . >> lawyers for cosby argue the case should be thrown out. because of an agreement he had the previous district attorney. however. today a judge rejected that request. now the case heads to a preliminary hearing to see if prosecutors have enough evidence to prove cosby assaulted a
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>> things can happen fast. 70 miles per hour fast. it changes in an instant. something the trooper knows very well. one minute you can be out be interviewed about why you lead the state in writing traffic tickets. >> -td the next. you can be in the middle of an
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>> a driver having a medical emergency drove through the parking lot. clipping the tree. missing trooper williams is his car. and slamming into a guardrail. that was the only thing that kept her off the turnpike. it's not the first time williams has been close to being hit. but it's a part of his job.
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it's not about tickets. it's about keeping people safe.
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>> the fox 8 i team uncovering new information about the high cost of police reform. in the city of cleveland.
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the i team reports these are bills that many of you will be paying. >> >> two more months of bills -fplts for hotels. air fare. taxis. bills for attending meetings. bills from those folk. they get paid 250 bucks an hour. a federal monitoring team over seeing reform in the cleveland police department. last fall the i team revealed concerns about the cost. now the bills have ballooned to nearly 265 thousand dollars. >> >> counsel sill councilman not happy. in november the team met in chicago. to talk about the cleveland police.
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would be a central meeting place. since members were coming from around the country. >> mayor is talking about a
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to pay for police reform. and in the end the federal monitoring group has a limited it can charge. just under five million thrars. but every penny comes from your pocket. >> field high school will be open tomorrow. after illness forced administrators to cancel class today employees spent the day cleaning sp sanitizing everything from lockers to buss.
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>> the cleveland indians thank one of their legends deserves a major honor. the team is working to make it happen. bob feller is the man the indians want to see recognized. >> one skpw only. one and ofpblt one of the one ask only. one of the hall of famer. they think he deserves the medal of free freedom. highest civilian award in the
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>> the late rapid robert feller deserves one too. we have a link to the petition. right now. on our web site. >> no storms or anything. that's good news. >> no snow at least to any huge degree. that's a good thing. unintended on the word degree. there was a lot more to the record high temperature.
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a lot more than just a daily record high. i'll have more in a second. right now and first, the cool down. we're down to 38 now. 40 akron canton. still hanging onto just under 50 degrees. for parkers burg. and hunting ton. and it's 50 now. south of pittsburg. towards martins burg. west virginia. lest talk let's talk about the high temperature. because before today, there were only 3 calendar dates on which temperature. cleveland. just 3. 3. and we had a record high. that makes two. so they are only two left. most of those are really old records.
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>> there's the big slide. during the day today. this is cleveland. but this one is toledo. about an 8 hour jump start on the cool down. everybody going down 29 tonight. with a gusty west wind. and a few snow showers. starting to see a little bit of windchill. come in to play. feels like 28 already. in cleveland. and 21 tphort wayne. fort wayne. and changeable skies. tomorrow. develops. its not sustained. we're not looking for any huge amounts of snow.
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>> near tphaor mall for a stretch. near normal for a stretch. through sunday. >> minor system on saturday. another plunge. this midweek chill will begin to effect us. as we head into the middle of next week. >> we know you'll be watching.
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roe. story. the team tk eufred delivered a super surprise. for a local nano bat a local fan battling leukemia. >> . yesterday. and there were plenty of surprises in this. the place he got the surprise to who actually gave it to him. and where he is going. it was all a dream come true. >> .
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for 28 year-old mat berry. >> what started as a surprise trip to the browns. training facility. and the surprise visit. with owners. >> turned into a special wish. come true. tuesday afternoon. >> until we get there. we thought you might enjoy going to the game this week. >> that's right. mat is headed to super bowl 50. and in san francisco. thanks to the cleveland browns and a special wish foundation. the only cleveland based wish granting organization. mat. a sophomore. who has been battling leukemia for years.
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i'm in the maintenance phase. it's a form where i go back to the once a month and get treatment.
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we introduce you to tie taiwan tank jackson. a couple weeks ago. after he earned a golden ticket to hollywood. well. tank stayed alive. through a couple of rounds of cuts. unfortunately tonight he learned that he wouldn't advance to the top 24. the 29 year-old was no stranger to auditioning. but this was the first time he advanced to hollywood. >> congratulations once again. to tank.
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you will see. chris staple ton. kenny. florida georgia line. and much more. so tune in tomorrow night. at ten. after american idol. if -r your chance to win. >> .
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ka t catholic priest in la for years. now facing charges. he has been posing as a priest. in january of 2015 this picture here. he wore a familiar white collar. baptisms. and accuse of scamming church goers out of thousands since the mid 90s. recently allegedly sold bogus ticket tos see the pope. >> scary moments for a georgia teen. she collapses during a volleyball game. from a heart attack. you can see 17 year-old claire crawford fall to the floor. staff and coaches rush to her side. that's when the academic dean rushed to the school. and used to it to revive her. it's unclear why she went into cardiac arrest. her family and which i which i children's healthcare is promoting a campaign making sure everyone is prepared in case something like
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>> as far as to put up a sign in the lobby. the judge says he has seen nor and more people coming dressed inappropriately. considered posting a sign for a while. he says the sign isn't meant for people who are just stopping by. to pay fines or get paper work. just for those who come in to court. and you would come in to court in why interesting fashion statement. >> .
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>> panthers safety getting creative. while he's away for the big game. listed as shore hrat upscale apartment for one night. super bowl night. on the web. web site. the price tag is whopping five grand. but air b skp-rbgs b plans to match the donation. going to the players foundation. >> the fans will get to watch
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plus get use of the spa deck. pool. and other amenities. the ground rules no smoking. no parties. and no pets. especially broncos. >> . >> cavaliers were attacking. early on. there's kyrie irving. then hustling after the basketball. lebron james on the court. easy bucket there. >> easy hoop. and the hornets kept attacking. and there is another easy basket. cavaliers not effective at all in the second half. offense grinds to a halt. and the hornets win by nine. celtics come to the q.
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>> . very busy national signing day. starting here. in cleveland. where 30 student athletes signed their national letter of intent. 30 students from the cleveland metro school district signed letters of intent today. the tar blooders led the way with 18 keusdz moving on. >> . he says it's important as any kind of play off game. because the lasting effects of the skop sheul. certainly
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>> . the seventh ranked tight end in the nation. according to to 247 sports. mier keeping ohio talent in state. >> at st. ed. 30 student athletes are taking their talents to -lt college game. among them. friday night touch down player of the year. coal guest.
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>> i'm really excited. i'm ready to go work. >> >> all right. let's head east. at mentor high school. two cardinals are moving on. jason blizzard. who will play for the storm. and alex matthew. he's kol gait the guard. he is headed to louisville. of course ohio state had a great recruiting day. number two or 3 in the country. >> .
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congratulations to everyone. >> . a few snow showers turning colder tonight. 29. and then tomorrow 33. a few more snow showers in the air. >> . appreciate your time here. morning show crew rolls in at 4 a.m.
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